I’ve worked with Cisco for a long time. My skills are mostly geared towards older IOS releases, but I try to keep abreast of the changes as much as possible. I am familiar with Cisco best practices and procedures. I have a working knowledge of many infrastructure recommended configurations and can pick up most Cisco related documentation quickly.

My most recent experience is managing multiple Catalyst 6500 series switches that manage the major core of several carrier data networks. This experience is entirely in a carrier class environment. The core infrastructure includes DS-1/DS-3 deployment as well as several EoC and EoF on metro ethernet. We are also utilizing CWDM architectures for interconnection between the two sites where the 6500s are located.

I have worked with the 2600/2900 series of CPE Access Routers and Integrated Access Devices as well as managing 3500 series distribution switches.

I have also obtained extensive experience with the Cisco PIX and ASA lines of Cisco firewall architecture, including Network and Service Objects, Firewall Rules and advanced monitoring.

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