Network Engineering and Administration

network_scienceI’ve spent many years building and maintaining large installation WAN and LAN environments.

In this capacity, I have implemented and maintained the core Cisco routing/switching environment, as well as architecting many customer solutions with our carrier partners.

In addition I managed and maintained all customer premise devices where we handed off access to the client base.

My experience is mainly geared towards Cisco and Adtran, with a little Brocade thrown in for good measure. The environments I have worked with are majorly composed of Layer 2 core switching and routing at the edge. This has allowed my clients to provide rich services both to clients and partners.

My experience includes in depth knowledge of both electrical and optical media types. I am well versed in the first five layers of the OSI model and have a very good grasp of the higher layers.

I have in depth knowledge of both IPv4 and IPv6. I have worked heavily with both in personal and production environments.

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